How to Use Let Correctly?

  • Let means ‘allow’, ‘permit’ or ‘give permission


  • Let him come. – Allow him to come.
  • Let her speak. – Allow her to speak.
  • Let me see. – Allow me to see.
  • Let it go. – Allow it to go.
  • Let me watch this movie. – Allow me to watch this movie.
  • Let them go please. –  Allow them to go

Let + Object Pronoun + Verb + Rest of the sentence.

Object Pronouns = me, you, him, her, it, them, us.

  • Let me explain. (correct) – Let I explain. (wrong)
  • Let them talk (correct) – Let they talk. (wrong)

Difference between ‘let’, ‘let’s’ and ‘lets

  • let’s‘ is a shortened version of ‘let us‘ – Let us work together
  • We use lets in simple present tense. If 3rd person singular (He, she, it) comes as a subject, we use lets.
  • He always lets me win. – He 3rd person singular.

More Examples:

They won’t let him leave the country.
She wanted to lend me some money but I wouldn’t let her.
Let me borrow a pen.
Let me leave this place.
Let it go please.

    • Let’s – Making suggestions
    • Let’s go to the market.
    • Let’s try again.
    • ‘Shall we check it again?’ ‘Yes, let’s.’
    • Making requests and wishing
    • Let me have your report by Monday.
    • Let her come home safely!
  • Introducing something
  • Let me give you an example.
  • Let me just finish this and then I’ll come.
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