Indefinite Pronoun

What is an Indefinite Pronoun?

  • An indefinite pronoun does not refer to particular person or thing.
  • The following pronouns do not refer to specific people. They are indefinite.
Singular Plural Singular
or Plural
anybody = anyoney both all
another few any
anything many more
each = much = one others more
everybody = everyone several most
either = neither none
everything some
nobody = no one
somebody, someone

Examples of Indefinite Pronouns

Singular Indefinite Pronoun

S.No Singular Indefinite Pronouns Examples
1 anybody = anyoney Everybody knows SachinTendulkar
has a chance to win.
2 another Would you like  another drink?
I Would like to have another cup of coffe
3 anything There’s never anythingworth watching on TV.
I’m so hungry, I’ll eat anything.
4 each = much = one We each have our own Mobile I don’t have muchmoney with me.
There’s only one thing we can do
5 everybody = everyone Everybodyknows Sachin Tendulkar
has a chance to win.
6 either = neither He didn’t remember, and neither did I.
I was too tired to go. And I couldn’t have paid, either.
7 everything Have you got his name and address and everything?
had gone.
8 little when she was little she was always getting into scrapes
9 nothing The doctor said there was nothing wrong with me.
10 nobody = no one There was no one else around
Nobody knew what to say
11 somebody=someone Shall we call a doctor or someone?
should have told me
12 other They took the other three away in an ambulance
13 something The doctor said there was nothing wrong with me.

Plural Indefinite Pronoun

S.No Plural Indefinite Pronouns Example
1 Both We were both tired.
2 few Very few students learn Italy now.
3 many Don’t take so many.
4 others I work on the other side of town.
5 several Several letters arrived this morning.
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