What is Noun?

  • A noun is a part of speech used to name a person, place, thing, animals, activities, event, idea and emotions.
  • Nouns are one of the main elements of sentences.
  • Nouns usually function as subjects or objects within sentences, although they can also act as adjectives and adverbs.

What is Noun?

In English, nouns can be singular or plural.

Singular Noun:

When a noun means one only, it is said to be singular Noun.

Examples: boy, girl, house, book, church, box

Plural Noun:

When a noun means more than one, it is said to be plural.

Examples: boys, girls, houses, books, churches, boxes


I am going to explain some rules that will help you to form the plural forms of the nouns. The general rule is to add ā€œ-sā€ to the noun in singular.
The plural form of most nouns is created simply by adding the letter s.

Examples: lamp, lamps; cat, cats; fork, forks; flower, flowers; pen, pen

Rule #1

Rule 1 The plural of nouns is usually formed by adding s to a singular noun. Example: lamp, lamps; cat, cats; fork, forks; flower, flowers; pen, pens

Rule #2

Rule 1 Nouns ending in s, z, x, sh and ch form the plural by adding es. Example: lamp, lamps; cat, cats; fork
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